Acquisition of Works

“Intitution of Creative Art Francisco Torregrosa”

House Museum Francisco Torregrosa (Only works that are for sale)


In order to be able to acquire a work of the exhibitions made in the “Institution of Creative Torregrosa Art Francisco”, can be acquired of tree fundamental ways:

1-Having the pleasure of its visit in the same direction of the Institution of Creative Art, in anyone of the exhibitions made throughout the year. It is very important to call to arrange appointment and thus to be able to take care of to him with the attention personally that you is deserved.

2-From any part of the world, you can acquire to cualuier work exposed in the Institution of Creative Art, being selected it through Internet and if therefore she prefers it, she can communicate it to his galeria to it of confidence, which, she was in charge to contact with us through the “House Museum” or of the “Institution of CreativeArt” and the necessary proceedings will be made so that the work arrives at its hands.

3-If from any part of the world, you or have selected your preferred work traves of Internet, single she must contact with the “House Museum” or the “Institution of Creative Art”, and then we will be in charge of which he receives the work selected with all guarantee and if it is precise we take it personally.

It anyway does not forget that acquisition, the work is not increased of price, because the real quotation of the work of Francisco Torregrosa is equal for any part of the world.

“Casa Museo Francisco Torregrosa”

Calle San Blas nº 6

Muro de Alcoy – 03830 (Alicante)

España (Spain)

Tel: 96- 553 10 30

Exhibitions in Institution of Creative Art

Henderson – Las Vegas – Nevada – 89015 (USA)

Please to send “Email to solicit appointment.

Personal attention in the exhibitions