First of all they receive my but sincere gratefulness to connect to traves of Internet with my Website, because here they will be able to find all the referring one to my paintings, exhibitions and artistica trajectory, that I come making to traverse of my “House Museum” and “Institution of Creative Art”.

For my it is very important to take care of to him personally to be able to explain everything to him what you really want to know, but despite, here in my Website found most basic and more fundamental the information so that you can follow my trajectory and evolution, but does not forget that if needs more information it can contact with me to traverse of my “House Museum” or “Institution of Creative Art”.

The year 2,003 was very important for my, because I am going to establish definitively my “Institution of Creative Art” in Fertile valleys (the Make snow-white-USA).

Everything began when traves of several years of exhibitions, representations in different galerias from U.S.A. and promotion trips, I decided in 1.993 to create my own “Institution of CreativeArt”, that takes my name in West Hollywood (California-U.S.A.). in her it elaborates like foundations good norms and rules so that they served to me as it bases for a permanent and eternal promotion. From that moment my own Institution had become the main center and world-wide datum point, where everybody could contact, observe to acquire work and mainly to know my art and my evolution.

Another very important event for my and my art, was the creation of my own “House Museum” the 9 of May of 1,998, in the same house where I was born. As of those moments great part of my dreams became in fact, because thanks to God, my work already had a place of inmortalización for always, although it lodged paintings of my beginnings.

Not only I feel proud, satisfied, and very happy to create my “House Museum”, because that from that moment and along with my “Institution of Creative Art” everybody is going to have the oprtunidad to know my work and it will be able to have two strategits points, that from any part of the world podran to observe, to contact and to know everything what passes in my artistica life.

With the aid of God, I have a very important mission that to fulfill, and it is that to traves of my “House Museum” and my “Institutionof Creative Art”, with the aid of my effort, certainty and all the promotion that can make, I am going to try to take to my painting to its own goal and to give the best way him. the best purpose and the best destiny.

Another very important mission destined to my painting, is the one to help to foundations or beneficas organizations, that have like purpose all class of humanitarian aid.