My bases and rules

Francisco Torregrosa

a) Have a good meet compliance standards and good ethics in life are key steps to achieve a state of confidence.

b) Throughout my career, I created four styles of painting, which is manifested in the parallel nature is in me, showing through contrasts of light and color.

c) Each creation is unique and is accompanied by a certificate of warranty which certifies the authenticity and originality of it.

d) When purchasing a piece, I agree with a great honor and satisfaction of reporting annually to the customer of my evolution and especially the evolution of the investment made, because every year the work is revalued by 12% and 15%.

e) My goal in life, would be that everyone knew my painting, but that I have a great honor, pride and satisfaction, receiving visits from people from around the world to see my paintings, and in my Institution of Creative Art Museum and in my house.

f) Although my main exhibitions are held annually in my Institution of Creative Art in Las Vegas (Nevada – USA) and in my house museum in Muro de Alcoy (Alicante – Spain), any client can choose a work, and with your visit or Internet, and I personally am willing to take her home country or any site or tell me, without increasing the price of the work, as my contribution is the same anywhere in the world.

g) The payment will be discussed and negotiated in the best manner and customer convenience, so you always feel safe and satisfied.

h) It may make orders and am willing to go to the customer’s home country to do the work.

i) You may make any kind of order, choosing size, style and color trends taking into account where implementation of the work will depend solely on my creativity

j) I know that every year when my painting is revalued, is closing the circle of people who can get some work, as customers are being more selective in purchasing power. But with God’s help, my work, my effort and my commitment that I will sell my work, impacting through charities in the most fundamental purposes for the benefit of mankind.

k) Like all artists, we would bring our work to the highest rung of success, but please let me be more selfish, because I like to take my work to the highest price possible and not make more money, but that my work could help more people in need of this world and to help charities to help cancer research and many other diseases. But the truth is that until reaching the maximum selling price and of course, could not do much about so many needs, because I am just a bit, but if we join together many grains of sand, we could do to cathedrals, to house of dreams, hopes and dreams of the needy and improve this world we have in our hands.

l) If no compromise, not ever hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns, then I assure you I am very proud to be at your disposal.


Please refrain from haggling over the price of the works, as the bargaining destroystrust, security, and the great honor of the achievements in the work.